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Friday Morning Catch-Up: NFL Schedule, Instagram Fan Of The Day

From Kobe Bryant refusing to sign Nick Young's Adidas to Jim Harbaugh partying it up at a Migos concert, we gathered every important bit of sports media that you may have missed in the past 12 hours. 

1. The NFL released the 2016 regular-season schedule for all 32 teams. 

2. The first three picks in the WNBA Draft all played for UCONN. 

3. Kobe Bryant refused to sign Nick Young's Adidas. 

4. Video: Texas Rangers star Adrian Beltre cannot stop laughing after a horrible pitch. 

5. Cal football player's family gets $4.75 million in wrongful death lawsuit. 

6. The Sacramento Kings fired head coach George Karl.

7. What Kobe Bryant did in his first day of retirement. 

8. Jim Harbaugh made an appearance at a rap concert in Ann Arbor.

9. The Rams are leaning toward taking Jared Goff, per Adam Schefter. 

10. Baylor RB getting blasted for extremely ill-advised tweet. 

Instagram Fan(s) Of The Day

It looks like these two Oklahoma cheerleaders are ready for some college football.

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