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Full Details Of Nick Saban's Contract Extension At Alabama

The Crimson Tide's head coach has received a hefty pay bump.

Nick Saban and Alabama have agreed to a contract extension.

The five-time national champion head coach is now, by a decent margin, the highest-paid coach in the country, overtaking Michigan's Jim Harbaugh who held the title for only a short while.

USA TODAY has the full details on Saban's new contract, which will pay him more than $11 million during the 2017 season.

From their report:

Altogether, the eight-year deal running through Jan. 31, 2025, is scheduled to pay Saban $65 million, not including incentive bonuses that could total $700,000 each year.

The $11.125 million that Saban is set to receive for this season will be, by far, the greatest amount paid to a college athletics coach since USA TODAY Sports began tracking the compensation of football and men's basketball coaches in 2006. It also likely makes him one of the nation's most highly paid public employees -- if not the highest-paid.

Here's how much he'll get per season after 2017:

  • $7.125 million in 2018, including a $400,000 contract-year completion payment.
  • $7.525 million in 2019 and again in 2020, including contract-year completion payments of $800,000.
  • $10.325 million in 2021, including a contract-year completion payment of $3.6 million.
  • $7.125 million in each of the deal's final three years, during which each contract-completion payment is scheduled to be $400,000.

Saban, 65, has gone 114-19 as Alabama's head coach, winning four national championships.