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Listen: Former Colorado Coach Gary Barnett Roasts Charlie Strong, Texas

Former Colorado Buffaloes head coach Gary Barnett did not hold back when asked about Charlie Strong and the Texas Longhorns.

Gary Barnett joined The Border Patrol, a sports podcast, on Thursday morning to talk college football. He offered much more than casual conversation, however, as he unloaded on the Texas Longhorns and Charlie Strong.

Barnett was asked what he thought of Charlie Strong taking over the defensive play-calling and whether or not Strong will survive the season as the team's head coach. He did not hold back.

"Well, it's like a big soap opera down there. No, I don't think he's going to survive it...[with head coach] Charlie [Strong], it's just one bandaid after another. He doesn't cure anything. He doesn't solve anything, he just puts a bandaid on it, and creates another crisis."

In regards to Strong taking over as the defensive coordinator, Barnett was less than pleased with the way Strong has handled his assistant coaches.

"You can't get any continuity. And that's been the tale of Charlie's tenure down there. It's just been change coaches right and left. When you have to change that many coaches, there's something wrong. And it's wrong at the top. And so do I think Charlie survives this? No, and I don't think he should survive this...He needs to go re-learn how to be a head coach because he's made this a disaster down there."

Barnett went on to talk about Mack Brown and how he did a great job as the Longhorns' head coach despite it being a "political" head coaching job.

This comes just after Texas President Greg Fenves provided a public vote of confidence for Strong Wednesday afternoon.

Texas and No. 20 Oklahoma are set for a Red River Rivalry matchup this weekend. The game kicks off from the Cotton Bowl at 12:00 p.m. E.T.