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Gary Danielson Getting Ripped For Poor Handling Of Photographer Injury

CBS lead SEC analyst Gary Danielson

SEC on CBS analyst Gary Danielson is facing some major criticism for how he handled the scary photographer injury late in the first half of tonight's Auburn-Georgia game.

A Georgia student photographer appeared to get knocked out cold on the sideline when a player collided with her in a brutal hit. The female photographer was down on the sideline, motionless, for several minutes.

She was eventually woken up and taken off the field on a stretcher.

It was an incredibly frightening scene. The fans at Jordan-Hare Stadium appeared to be holding their collective breath. CBS sideline reporter Jamie Erdahl seemed to get emotional while reporting from the field.

Danielson, meanwhile, didn't appear to fully understand the seriousness of the situation.

At first, Danielson didn't even realize that it was a photographer who was hit. He thought it might have been an Auburn player. "I wonder if he's the one who got injured on the play, No. 33," Danielson said, before getting corrected by Brad Nessler. "No, it's a person on the sideline," Danielson responded. Danielson then noted that the Auburn and Georgia players involved in the play were able to get up. He laughs and says the photographer "is not." Timothy Burke tweeted out the full video of Danielson's comments. They are not good.

Danielson clearly did not understood how serious the injury was, even at the end of the clip. Unfortunately for him, it's his job to understand what's going on in moments like this. And the veteran CBS analyst could not have handled this much more poorly.

Hopefully, Danielson addresses this in the second half and apologizes for what he said.

Auburn and Georgia are playing on CBS.