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Greg McElroy "Would Be Surprised" If Urban Meyer Keeps His Job

Greg McElroy while on TV for the SEC Network.

The college football world is still waiting to hear the fate of Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer. Sunday, the school announced that it had put together a committee to investigate Meyer's handling of 2015 domestic violence allegations against wide receivers coach Zach Smith. The school is supposed to decide within two weeks from that date.

SEC Network analyst Greg McElroy joined Golic & Wingo on Tuesday and gave his opinion on the matter. McElroy called Smith a "despicable human" and predicted that Meyer will likely still lose his job after keeping him employed.

McElroy admits that Meyer's chances of staying are higher than they were when the story first broke. But he still thinks Meyer will be out at Ohio State.

Here's what McElroy had to say:

"Well I still think it's a long shot that Urban Meyer's going to be at Ohio State in 2018 or beyond. Now, if you would have asked me when I first found out all of the information - or when the story first broke last Wednesday? I would have said there is a 0.1% chance Urban Meyer returns. Now I'd probably hover around 25%.

Because when he released his statement on Friday, he kind of deflected all attention off of him and put the onus on Gene Smith the Athletic Director.

Urban Meyer essentially said "I followed protocol. Now I might have lied to you in the media, but I did not lie to my administration." And that kind of changed the power dynamic I think and the hierarchy there at Ohio State.

I really think there is a possibility that he might return, but I still find it somewhat unlikely. I think the likelihood is that they might just clean house - top to bottom.

Because Urban Meyer still should not have had Zach Smith employed on his football program whatsoever. Zach Smith is a despicable human being and doesn't deserve an opportunity to work with college athletes.

Urban Meyer allowed him that opportunity after not one incident in 2009, not after two incidents in 2015 but after three incidents when he finally fired him in 2018. It's a troubling story for sure and it's something that we're still waiting to get all the information to, but I'd still be a little surprised if Urban Meyer is back in Columbus."

Here's video:

The 2018 college football season kicks off in just three weeks. Who will be Ohio State's head coach by then? We should find out soon.