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Update On The Student Protest At Harvard-Yale Game

Students protest climate change during the Harvard-Yale game in New Haven.


Harvard and Yale share one of the most historic rivalries in college football, and the defining game of the Ivy League. Today, a group of students used that stage to protest climate change.

A large group of students staged a sit-in at midfield in the middle of the game. The group had signs calling the two schools "complicit" in issues facing our environment.

For a while, the breadth of the protest looked like it might threaten the end of the game. Now, things are back underway.

ESPN's Matt Barrie reports that protestors demanded to be arrested, and have been taken off of the field tied together in pairs.

This isn't the first strange delay we've seen during Harvard-Yale over the last few years. This one was probably for better reasons, though.

In 2016, the game was delayed after a group of Yale students in the front row of the game stripped naked and stood on the wall above the field.

After that touchdown following the protest, Harvard has a 22-3 lead on the road. This would be a pretty big upset in the Ivy League this year.

Harvard entered the game 4-5, and just 2-4 in League play, while Yale is 8-1 (5-1). Dartmouth has the same record, and is beating Brown 29-23 late in the fourth quarter, so they might win the conference outright today, after being upset by Cornell last week. Dartmouth blew out Yale earlier in the year 42-10.


Harvard-Yale update: The protestors have told police they want to be arrested. So police have tied them together, two at a time, and are taking them off the field.

Kickoff in about 10-mins.

— Matt Barrie (@MattBarrie) November 23, 2019

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