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Heather Dinich's Blunt Response To College Football Playoff Expansion Idea

Heather Dinich of ESPN talks about the Big Ten and College Football Playoff in 2020.


The 2020 college football season already looks significantly different, with most programs playing a conference-only schedule.

There is plenty of variation in how many games each team will play as well. The Pac-12 announced a seven-game conference schedule, while the Big Ten is playing eight games.

Meanwhile, the ACC, Big 12 and SEC will all be playing at least 10 games. With the wide array of scheduling possibilities, fans have wondered if the College Football Playoff will expand.

Programs in the Pac-12 could be in trouble in regard to the playoff if they only play seven games. Other programs would have a larger body of work, which the playoff committee focuses on so much.

Don't expect playoff expansion this year, though. ESPN's Heather Dinich poured cold water on that idea.

Here's what she said, via 247Sports:

"It's not going to happen,” Dinich said. “There are way too many contracts to unravel. We're talking about the Rose Bowl, the New Year’s Six Bowls ... look, I asked Bill Hancock how long it took to go from the BCS to what we have now, and the answer was two or three years. You're talking about something where you can't just wake up tomorrow and say 'hey, let's make this thing bigger.' Is expansion inevitable? Absolutely. I believe it. But it's not going to happen quickly."

The Pac-12 could be on the outside looking in if the playoff committee doesn't think seven games is enough to determine the strength of a program.

However, if a program like Oregon looks dominant en route to an undefeated season, it's tough to see the committee leaving them out of the discussion.