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Here's Reportedly Why Jon Gruden Was In Knoxville Last Weekend

Another twist to the Gruden saga.

Every year, without fail, Jon Gruden's name comes up for head coaching vacancies. Usually, the rumors have no real basis to them.

However, Tennessee fans became excited last Friday when it was confirmed by several people that Gruden was having lunch in Knoxville. Then, Gruden actually went to the Tennessee-South Carolina game on Saturday, and further scuttlebutt said he was spotted having dinner with some "important" Tennessee people.

Still, fans might want to pump the breaks here. This afternoon, Fox Sports Radio personality Clay Travis shared a DM apparently from the fraternity brother of Gruden's son, who is a UT student. The message said that Jon Gruden's rumored dinner was just him taking his son and his friends out to Ruth's Chris in Knoxville.

Assuming this is true, it throws some cold water on the feverish Gruden-to-UT talk.

Still, expect Gruden's name to come up frequently until he or another coach is hired to replace the inevitably dismissed Butch Jones.