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Here's What The Simulated BCS Rankings Would Look Like After Week 13

A simulated BCS rankings through week 13.

Yesterday offered a lot of clarity in the College Football Playoff chase. Oklahoma clinched the Big 12 title and assured themselves a playoff berth with a win over Oklahoma State, and the Michigan State-Iowa Big Ten title tilt is set up as a de facto CFP play-in game. Alabama and Clemson will also make the four-team field, provided they take care of business in their respective conference title games next week. Everything seems pretty cut and dry at this point.

Still, it's always interesting to wonder how things would have shaken out under the old BCS system. The guys at BCS Know How have been releasing updated, simulated BCS rankings each week. Here's a look at how the BCS would have sorted the contending teams with one week to go in the season.

">November 29, 2015

I don't think the protest for an Alabama-Clemson championship game would be too loud, but the fans in Norman, Okla., have to be happy this system isn't in place anymore. After all, the Sooners would be the odd team out as of now.