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Here's Which Coach Kirk Herbstreit Would Pick If He Needed To Win One Game

Kirk Herbstreit speaks on ESPN about college football.

Herbie named the coach he would pick if he needed to win one game.

College football analyst Kirk Herbstreit was a guest on The Sean Salisbury Show where he talked about living in Nashville, the NHL Playoffs, but more importantly, a little bit of college football. On the show, he was asked which current college football coach he would pick if he needed to win a game.

Herbie said he would go with Nick Saban due to his preparation. Herbstreit gives his comments about Nick Saban at the 6 minute mark.

It's not a bad choice from Herbstreit -- Saban has four national titles since he took over the Tide in 2007. Alabama opens the season against Florida State, another favorite to make a run at the College Football Playoff. We'll know early on what both of these teams are made of.

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