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Here's Why These 4 Major Programs Had Their Twitter Accounts Suspended

A screenshot of a Twitter suspension.

Here's why the programs had their accounts suspended for a little while.

Multiple college football programs' Twitter accounts were suspended recently. A couple of them were down for a while.

Texas' official account went down at some point early Tuesday morning. Later, the official accounts of Georgia, Missouri and South Florida went down.

This was pretty bad timing, considering Wednesday was one of the biggest Twitter days of the year for the college football world. It was National Signing Day, the day for programs to announce their new players.

All four accounts came back at some point, but it was originally unclear why the suspensions happened. We think we now know why.

It has to do with copyrighted content. They were using music that wasn't theirs.

Sony recently filed numerous copyright claims on videos that used their music. It appears that the four CFB programs were involved.

Reddit CFB has the details:

College football programs' Twitter accounts are going to continue to grow both in use and in visibility. It'll be interesting to watch how careful these accounts are with the use of things like music and photos that aren't technically theirs to use.