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High School Football Game Footage In Alabama Shows Fans Not Wearing Masks Or Social Distancing

Alabama high school game with fans not wearing masks.

If there's hope of getting in a full high school football season, players, coaches and fans are going to have to be somewhat cooperative when it comes to limiting the spread of COVID-19. Footage from one game during the opening weekend of high school football in Alabama suggests that's going to be easier said than done.

WKRG was on-hand at the Fairhope vs. Spanish Fort game on Friday night. Footage from the contest suggests that a sizable portion of fans in the stands weren't wearing masks or socially distancing.

Per rules, only half the stands can be filled for games this year. It looks like that decision may need to be revisited.

Fairhope's principal Jon Cardwell spoke with WKRG, telling the station that while they are encouraging safety measures, they can't force people to do anything.

“We want our people to wear masks more, we required it. “We were sending people back to the cars to get masks,” he said. “But, you know, our point is we can’t make anybody do something. We encourage it. Our announcers were announcing it, we’ve been telling people – if there’s an outbreak there’s no high school football, I’m not worried about your comfort, I’m worried about my boys and cheerleaders and band having a full season, so that’s our thing. So let’s use a little sense and take care of business.”

It'll be interesting to see if schools, conferences or the state consider changing the rules after one week. This certainly can't continue as a trend if safety is a top priority.

College football, for now, is also scheduled to take place in Alabama as the SEC has not cancelled its season. Hopefully fans exercise more caution attending college football games.