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High School Football Recruits Name Best "Brand" In College Football

Georgia Bulldogs fans at the national title.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - JANUARY 10: Georgia Bulldogs fans cheer during the second half against the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2022 CFP National Championship Game at Lucas Oil Stadium on January 10, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

With the 2022 college football season almost here, OfficialVisit surveyed 1,000 high school players to determine which programs have the strongest brands. 

There are several factors that make a strong brand, such as winning, revenue, NIL, social media and recruiting. 

All that being said, the latest survey from OfficialVisit has Alabama ranked as the strongest brand in college football. 

Ohio State, Georgia, Oklahoma and Clemson rounded out the top five for this survey. 

Programs like LSU, Texas A&M and Texas all received relatively strong grades as well. 

Here's the top 25 from OfficialVisit: 

From OfficialVisit

Programs need good facilities to sign good recruits. Programs need good coaches to sign good recruits. Programs need good financial resources to sign good recruits. Programs need good NIL opportunities to sign good recruits. These absolutely cannot be ignored, but these are just the prerequisites to compete in division one. Nike needs websites, storefronts, factories, and employees to sell their products. But Nike does not win in the marketplace because of these things. Nike wins in the marketplace because of its place in its customers’ minds. Only in abundant excess will factors like NIL opportunities and good facilities alone improve recruiting. Recruiting is still improved and won in the headspace of high school football players

A full synopsis of OfficialVisit's 2022 college football brand study can be found here

It'll be fascinating to see how this list will look in 2023. Perhaps we'll see schools like USC climb up the rankings.