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The 16 Most Powerful Fan Bases Of The 2016 College Football Season

College football fandom is unlike anything else in American sports. While NFL and NBA teams have millions of fans, many of them diehards, college football just seems to go a little deeper. Whether fandom is born because of family tradition, state pride, or love for one's alma mater, for many, love of the sport goes deeper than play on the gridiron.

With that, college football fans exert a ton of influence on the sport. They create the home field advantage, donate money on top of normal ticket sales, and yes, raise hell on social media when they don't like the direction that a team is going in.

Taking into account program worth, revenue, television contracts, social media followings, attendance and a number of other factors, we've ranked the 16 college football fan bases that wield the most power in the sport.

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16. Oregon

Oregon may not be a traditional power like many of the other programs on our list, but the Ducks certainly have their support. The Ducks, according to Forbes' report this past December, are the 14th-most valuable college football team in the country, and the most valuable in the Pac-12. How, you ask? Oregon has done a solid job of turning itself into a national brand. They have fans from all around the country.

The Ducks have a killer partnership with Nike, which results in the sport's flashiest uniforms - which obviously attracts the younger crowd. Oregon's social media followings are huge too. The Ducks boast over 130,000 Twitter followers and over 850,000 Facebook likes. As noted, a good portion of those fans aren't from the state of Oregon - they just like what the Ducks have done with their program over the past decade or two. But don't worry, the Ducks also sell out their facility - Autzen Stadium - every contest anyway.

Oregon has reached the national title game twice in the past decade, yet it's still searching for its first championship. Whenever it comes, expect the Ducks to jump up this list.

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15. USC

USC, on the other hand, does have the history of being a power program. The Trojans are the highest-ranked Pac-12 team on our list, coming in at No. 15. Their fans can also boast that their program claims 11 national titles.

USC fans certainly have options in Los Angeles, but few teams - even those at the professional level - can capture the city's attention quite like the Trojans. USC has the 20th-most-valuable program in college football, coming in at around $66 million. They also have sizable social media followings on both Twitter and Facebook. Throw in an iconic uniform and one of the most historical venues in the country - the Coliseum - and you've got the makings of a powerhouse. 

The Trojans also boast a number of celebrity fans - most notably Snoop Dogg and Will Ferrell. While they may not sell out every game like some of the others on this list, they're easily the most popular college football program in a major metropolitan area. 

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14. Florida

Florida is the first SEC school included on our list, but as you might guess, it isn't our last. The Gators are one of three huge fan bases from the state of Florida. With a valuation of $72 million, they are the 15th-most valuable program in the country. You could argue that when they were winning national titles, they'd have been higher on that list too.

Florida, a member of the SEC East, benefits from the league's television contract with ESPN. The Gators also boast massive social media followings. Florida's Twitter account has 138,000 followers. The team has two main Facebook pages - one dedicated to the Gators on a school basis, which has 1.6 million likes - and one dedicated to its football team, which has over 530,000 likes. That's serious reach. 

Florida also has one of the biggest stadiums in the country - Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, affectionately known as "The Swamp", holds just under 89,000 fans. Anyone who's played against UF inside it can tell you - it gets loud. That being said, there are still five SEC squads with bigger, badder fan bases.

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13. Oklahoma

Oklahoma may not be able to compete with Texas when it comes to the sheer number of fans, but Sooners supporters are about as loyal as it gets. The Sooners - who come in ranked 9th overall at a valuation of $96 million - boast perhaps the most passionate fan base in the country. Their Twitter following - at over 250,000 - is particularly impressive. It also shows that the program has a nice mix of support when it comes to age.

Oklahoma, which saw a resurgence last year and reached the College Football Playoff, also has huge Facebook followings. The school has close to 700,000 likes. The football team is right behind it, at over 550,000. The team's facility - Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium - is the second biggest in the Big 12, holding over 82,000 fans. It's pretty much a guarantee that if you're from the state of Oklahoma, you root for Oklahoma football - unless of course you live near Stillwater.

It also doesn't hurt the cause that Oklahoma has faired well against its two main rivals in recent history. The Sooners have won four of their last six against Texas and 11 of their last 13 against Oklahoma State. Boomer Sooner.

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12. Florida State

Florida State is the only ACC squad included on our list, but they're the second from the state of Florida. The Seminoles have a loud, passionate fan base that does not shy away from having its voice heard. Just ask anyone who's ever been targeted by #FSUTwitter.

FSU has the biggest stadium in the league - Doak Campbell - at just over 82,000 seats. FSU's Twitter following sits at around 180,000, but as noted, they are particularly powerful. Between their general FSU page and their FSU Football page, they boast over 1,000,000 likes on Facebook. Simply put, since the arrival of Bobby Bowden back in 1976, FSU has been a national brand. Three claimed national titles prove that.

According to Forbes, Florida State is worth $70 million - good enough for 17th overall. That'll continue to rise if the Seminoles can continue to compete for national titles. This fan base is not going anywhere.

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11. Georgia

The Bulldogs are unquestionably one of the biggest brands in college football, valued at $102 million. They're also one of just 28 programs in the $100 million revenue club. Georgia definitely makes good off being THE program in-state. Sure, Georgia Tech is a rival, but the fan bases of the two schools can't be compared. 

A member of the powerful SEC, UGA plays its home games at Sanford Stadium, which with 92,746 seats is the 10th-largest college football stadium in the country. During a 10-year period from Sept. 2001 to Sept. 2011, the Bulldogs sold out 64 consecutive home games. Additionally, nearly 300,000 people like the program's official Facebook page and over 229,000 people follow the program's official Twitter account.

That's a lot of folks. 

Under former head coach Mark Richt, the Bulldogs were a model of consistency, with 10 seasons of double-digit victories in 15 years. A national championship has evaded the program since 1980, and that's the only thing missing. Otherwise, you can't do much better than Georgia. 

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10. Texas A&M

Texas is still the top dog in the Lone Star State, but the Aggies aren't far behind. According to CBSSports' report, A&M pulled in $110 million in revenue last year. The program has raised its national profile in recent years. That's what happens when you have a Heisman Trophy winner (Johnny Manziel), a Super Bowl MVP (Von Miller) and ink a lucrative sponsorship deal with adidas. 

Iconic Kyle Field seats 102,733 but fit in 110,631 people in 2014 when the Aggies set an attendance record against Ole Miss. The tradition of the 12th Man is one of the most enduring in college football, and the crowd at Kyle has been known to make the stadium press box shake with its boisterous cheering. 

The Aggies have made seven consecutive bowl games, and nine bowls in the last 10 seasons. They only have one 10-win season during that time frame, and if Kevin Sumlin can get the program over the hump to reach consistent elite status, they could surpass some of the teams ahead of them on this list.

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9. Tennessee

Like Georgia and LSU, the Vols are the unquestioned big dogs in their home state. Tennessee is also the No. 3 most valuable college football program in the country according to Forbes. The program has an exceptional social media presence thanks to Facebook (over 544,000 likes) and Twitter (over 252,000 followers). VFL Films also does an awesome job promoting UT football year-round. 

Neyland Stadium, with a capacity of 102,455, is the second-largest stadium in the SEC and sixth-largest in the entire world. The stadium set a noise record during the Tennessee-Oklahoma game last September. 

One of the top teams in the nation during the 1990s and early 2000s, the Vols took a step back in 2005. Butch Jones arrived in 2013 and has jump-started the program and reinvigorated the fan base. Tennessee is a strong bet to capture the SEC East in 2016. 

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8. Penn State

Penn State trails just Ohio State and Michigan in the Big Ten in terms of program value and revenue, and ranks in the top-12 nationally in each category. Much of the Nittany Lions' brand was crafted, developed and expanded by and under the guidance of former head coach Joe Paterno. The Jerry Sandusky Scandal may have sullied Paterno and PSU's reputation nationally and put the program under NCAA sanctions, but it didn't decrease the size and loyalty of the fan base or put a dent in Penn State's bottom line. 

Beaver Stadium is the second largest stadium in the Western Hemisphere and the third largest in the world. The program's annual "White-Out" game has been copied by countless schools, but it was Penn State that started that tradition. 

A championship program throughout much of Paterno's tenure, PSU has been seemingly stuck in neutral the past few seasons as it tries to recover from its NCAA penalty. Still, Penn State will always be a name-brand in the world of college football. 

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7. Nebraska

The Cornhuskers aren't the financial behemoths that other programs on this list are, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a more loyal or rabid fan base. Dating back to 1962, Nebraska has sold out 347 straight home games. Yes, you read that right. A fall Saturday spent at Memorial Stadium is the hottest ticket in the state for sure. 

Over 600,000 people follow the Huskers on Facebook and nearly 300,000 follow them on Twitter. In addition to being known as hospitable hosts, Big Red fans also travel well to watch their team play. 

While Nebraska isn't the program it was 20 years ago, its name still carries weight nationally. If Mike Riley can get the Huskers back to prominence, Big Red will be an even more formidable fan base. 

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6. Texas

The Longhorns are tops in the nation in value and revenue. They have an incredible brand, a humongous fan base and possibly the most powerful and influential donors in college football. You could argue they should be a little higher on this list. 

Over 1 million people "like" Texas Athletics' official Facebook page, and Longhorn athletics boasts nearly 1 million Twitter followers.Darrell K. Royal-Memorial Stadium is one of the largest facilities in the nation, and there have been discussions in recent years to make renovations to it. 

Mack Brown revived the glory years in Austin before his recruiting took a tumble. Now, it's up to Charlie Strong to turn things around. He's struggled in his first two seasons at the helm, but a strong 2016 class combined with a maturing team seems to signal that the arrow is once again pointing upward for UT.