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Hugh Freeze Says He Got Sick When Hearing The News Of Les Miles' Firing

The bond between most SEC coaches is strong, and this comment made by Hugh Freeze shows just that.

Hugh Freeze, head football coach of the Ole Miss Rebels, made the statement that he literally got sick to his stomach when he heard that LSU had decide to part ways with head football coach Les Miles.

The quote is an interesting one seeing how LSU is one of Ole Miss' top rivals alongside Mississippi State, but it shouldn't come as a surprise.

According to SEC Country, Freeze’s family was very close with Miles and his family. Freeze said his daughters wanted to sit down and have a conversation about why the Tigers decided to part ways with Miles.

“I never want to see anyone get hurt, and certainly someone I was so fond of. That was difficult to see,” Freeze said.

Miles, who had been LSU’s head coach since 2005, compiled a record of 114-34 with the Tigers.