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In Photos: Everything You Need To Know About ESPN's Cassidy Hubbarth

Cassidy Hubbarth at the ESPYs.

ESPN's Cassidy Hubbarth is one of the network's rising stars, there's no doubt. Hubbarth, who joined the Worldwide Leader back in 2010, hosts NBA Tonight on ESPN2, works the desk for ESPN News and occasionally gets the look for SportsCenter. You'll probably be seeing more of her in the near future, too.

Where is she from? What has her career looked like? What are her interests? And is she single? We've got those answers and more, along with a few photos.

In Photos: Everything You Need To Know About Cassidy Hubbarth 

Where is Cassidy Hubbarth From?

Hubbarth, who is now 30 years old, was born near Chicago, and grew up in Evanston, Illinois. She attended Evanston Township High School, where she played three sports. She started college at Illinois, but transferred to Northwestern after one year to get her degree at the Medill School of Journalism. If you're wondering her race, she's half-Filipino and German/Irish, according to Wikipedia.

How Did She Start Off Her Career?

How Did Hubbarth's Career Get Started?Hubbarth worked for both the Big Ten Network and Fox Sports South early in her career. She also worked at Navteq as a traffic reporter in Chicago. She joined ESPN in August 2010, but you could only find her on ESPN3. It took three years before she would be featured as a full-time anchor for the network.Which Teams Does She Root For?

Which Teams Does Hubbarth Root For?

Hubbarth is not shy about her fandom of the Chicago Bulls. In fact, she's obsessed. She's also a fan of the Bears and the Cubs - so she's all in on Chicago. No word on whether she has a favorite hockey team. Here's a quote she gave Sports Business Daily about her affinity for the Bulls:

I grew up in the Jordan era. So, the NBA was my first true love when it came to becoming a sports fan. It was just easy to fall in love with the Bulls and Jordan and Pippen. Actually my favorite player on the Bulls was, weirdly enough, Ron Harper. And we were that family growing up where you could hear my mom screaming from down the block during all six championship runs.

What Is Hubbarth Most Thankful For?

What Is Hubbarth Most Thankful For?Back in 2013, ESPN did an "off camera" interview with Hubbarth, and asked her what she was most thankful for. Her answer? Her grandmother, who she calls "Lola." Here's more:

I am thankful for my Lola. Lola means grandmother in Tagalog (Filipino dialect). She moved from the Philippines to help my parents raise my brothers and me. The impact she had on my life is invaluable. She supported me in every way possible. She never once missed a game or event of mine.

Very cool.Is Hubbarth Single?

Is Hubbarth Single?

Hubbarth does not appear to be married, but we can't verify that she's single. She doesn't post any photos of a significant other on social media. Perhaps she's still waiting for Mr. Right.

More Photos Of Hubbarth

Hubbarth is a rising star for ESPN. You'll be seeing more of her on your television sets very soon. Here are a few more photos:

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