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In Photos: Everything You Need To Know About ESPN's Michele Steele

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Over the past few weeks, we've all been seeing a lot more of ESPN bureau reporter Michele Steele. Why? Because she's been given the honor of filling in for Chris McKendry with co-host Jay Crawford during the 11:00 AM ET SportsCenter show. Steele, who is usually based in Boston to cover the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics, has done a fantastic job in her new role, leading many to wonder if she'll ever be given the full-time gig, like her coworker Cari Champion.

Where is she from? How did she get her career started? Is she single? We've got those answers and more, along with a few photos of the rising star.

In Photos: Everything You Need To Know About ESPN's Michele Steele

Where is Michele Steele From?

Michele Steele, who is currently in her mid-30s, is from Chicago, Illinois. She stayed close to home for college, choosing to attend the University of Illinois, where she majored in economics. She eventually picked up and left for New York City, where she attended Columbia and got her master's in journalism. The combination of studies has allowed her to be an extremely well-rounded reporter and journalist.

How did she get her career started?

How Did She Get Her Career Started?Steele took an interesting route to fame. Before getting started as a reporter, she spent two years in France and Martinique teaching English. Her first gig in the field was as a producer for First Business TV. Eventually, in 2006, she got the nod to be a video anchor for Forbes' on-demand service, where she was also seen on Forbes on Fox. She was then hired to be Bloomberg's only sports anchor on Bloomberg Television.How did she wind up at ESPN?

How Did Steele Wind Up At ESPN?

In December of 2011, Steele was poached by the Worldwide Leader from Bloomberg. For the past four years, she's been featured on a number of the network's programs, including SportsCenter, Baseball Tonight, Outside the Lines and more. While's she's been based in Boston as a bureau reporter for the majority of her time with the company, she has recently been seen filling in as an anchor on SportsCenter. It's a huge step for the young star.

What are her interests?

What are Steele's interests?Steele claims to enjoy Fighting Illini basketball, Chicago-style hot dogs and New York-style pizza. She also seems to have an obsession with Shake Shack. According to her Wikipedia page, she ran a marathon in 2007, and decided not to exercise for the next two years after. She's also an avid user of social media.Is Steele single?

Is Steele single?

It's hard to be sure, but she isn't married and doesn't seem to tout anyone on her social media profiles. She certainly could be keeping her private life under wraps, but it seems unlikely.

More photos of Steele

">May 8, 2015

Here are a few more photos of Steele. You'll be seeing more and more of her on your television.

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