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Why Jabrill Peppers Doesn't Want You To Imitate His Touchdown Celebration

Jabrill Peppers doesn't want people to imitate his touchdown celebration and he explained why.

Michigan linebacker Jabrill Peppers doesn't just play defense. Although listed as a linebacker, Peppers lines up all over the field, including running back and wide receiver. Oh, and he returns kicks too.

If you ask Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, Peppers should be the Heisman trophy winner. In his last game Peppers had an absolutely spectacular punt return touchdown that was ultimately called back in the Wolverines 78-0 destruction of Rutgers. He managed 74 yards rushing on just three carries, two of which went for touchdowns.

Peppers' touchdown celebration goes something like this:

But don't get it twisted. Peppers does not want his touchdown celebration to catch on like Cam Newton's "dab." The reason? Peppers explains:

So, for Jabrill Peppers' sake, don't let his touchdown dance catch fire like the "dab." Peppers wouldn't be very happy if you did.