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Michigan's Jabrill Peppers Is Live-Tweeting Ohio State vs. Wisconsin

Michigan linebacker Jabrill Peppers is live-tweeting tonight's contest between Ohio State and Wisconsin.

Michigan linebacker Jabrill Peppers seems very interested in tonight's contest between Ohio State and Wisconsin - for obvious reasons. The Wolverines have already played the Badgers, defeating them 14-7 just a few weeks ago. Peppers seems interested in seeing how his squad's performance compares to what Ohio State is putting together.

So far, Peppers, whose team is on a bye week, has to be happy. Wisconsin leads 16-6 at the break.

Peppers seems to be poking a bit of fun at his rival, too. He jokingly asked fans to tell him him the yardage stats for the first half.

Ohio State and Michigan will play in late November, so it doesn't really matter how you compare the two teams - they'll meet on the field. Still, it's always fun to see some mid-season trolling.