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Jacob Copeland's Mom Came Back, Gave Her Son A Hug

Florida commit Jacob Copeland hugs his mom.

The mother of the top recruit came back into the room.

The star (or villain) of National Signing Day 2018 is probably the mother of a four-star wide receiver. She didn't seem to be happy with her son's decision.

Jacob Copeland, a four-star wide receiver out of Florida, committed to the in-state Gators on ESPN2. He chose Florida over Alabama and Tennessee, among other programs.

This didn't seem to be what his mom wanted. She preferred the Crimson Tide or the Vols.

So, Copeland's mother, wearing an Alabama sweater and a Tennessee hat, walked off stage immediately after her son's decision. It was pretty rough to watch.

Copeland was forced to sit there and explain to reporters what happened. It's not a situation any recruit should be put it.

There was a happy ending, though. Copeland's mother came back.

Check it out:

That's nice to see. Hopefully Copeland's mother can get fully on-board with her son's decision. This is what originally happened: