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South Carolina QB Jake Bentley On Clemson: "Everyone Knew They Weren't That Much Better Than Us"

South Carolina lost to Clemson last season 56-7. According to Gamecocks quarterback Jake Bentley, despite that score, it is very apparent that the Tigers were not that much better than South Carolina.

No, really.

Clemson outscored South Carolina by 49, outgained them 622 yards to 218, and had a nine-minute edge in time of possession. And yet, Bentley doesn't think there was that big a gap between the 6-7 Gamecocks and eventual national champion Tigers.

His full quote:

“We just didn’t play well that week. That’s our big quote going into this year. Just, we felt like we got outworked. So our big thing is never again we will be outworked. Never again will be out-competed on a game like that. It all stems from that game. Because at the end of the game, everyone knew that they weren’t that much better than us or better than us at all. It really just lit a fire in everybody. Since that week, everyone has worked harder and wanted it more.”

I certainly appreciate the sentiment and confidence from the freshman quarterback...but come on Jake. 56-7.

Clemson fans will have plenty of fun with this one. Of course, if Bentley can reverse the tide in the rivalry this year, without Deshaun Watson and Mike Williams on the other sideline, people will forget how ridiculous this statement looks right now.

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