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WATCH: Jalen Hurd Thinks He's About To Score, Proceeds To Get Lit Up And Fumbles

Jalen Hurd


Would you look at that, Jalen Hurd and the Vols are off to a not-so-hot start.

In not so surprising news, Tennessee has mirrored its first four games of the season and gotten off to a slow start against Georgia as it trails 17-0 just before the half. Running back Jalen Hurd isn't helping the cause, either.

As the Vols were driving down the field, Josh Dobbs found Hurd with a pass up the middle. Hurd proceeded to catch the ball, but just before he crossed over the goal line this happened:

In Hurd's defense, he was wide open and clearly thought that the Bulldog who forced the fumble followed the other receiver into the end zone. He thought wrong.

It's not too often that you see 6-foot-4 running back take a shot like that in the open field. You also don't see a running back not recognize a backside defender charging down on him.