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Jameis Winston Implies He Regrets Choosing Florida State Over Stanford

The former Florida State quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner suggested that if he could have a do-over he would probably choose Stanford.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston strongly suggested Wednesday on a conference call with Bay Area reporters that if he could do his recruitment process over again, he probably would have played quarterback for the Stanford Cardinal.

“You are who you place yourself around. And I would’ve loved the opportunity to go to Stanford and be with some of my friends out there,” he told them.

Linebacker Noor Davis and safety Drew Madhu were among Winston’s friends who ended up playing at Stanford, he said.

“When I got accepted into Stanford, me and my family were excited,” he said. “I actually took my visit out there to make my final decision. When I came from Palo Alto, I was blown away. But I decided to go to FSU."

He told reporters he was "very close" to attending Stanford.

“I look back all the time and see how if I’d gone to Stanford which way my life could’ve turned. But, you know, you make decisions and you go with them and you own them.”

Winston had plenty of success on the field with the Seminoles, but had some trouble off of it. He was accused of sexual assault stemming from an incident in 2012, and was cited for shoplifting in 2013.

Winston is in his second year with the Buccaneers, who selected him No. 1 overall in the 2015 NFL draft. The Buccaneers take on the 49ers this Sunday.