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Q&A With Jarrin Pierce: Path To The NFL Draft, Overcoming The Odds, Middle Tennessee State Career

Jarrin Pierce scores a touchdown.

SAN ANTONIO, TX - SEPTEMBER 25: Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders WR Jarrin Pierce celebrates a touchdown during game featuring the UT-San Antonio Roadrunners and the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders on September 26, 2020 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. (Photo by John Rivera/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Jarrin Pierce's journey to the NFL hasn't been an easy one, but he's certainly inching closer to his ultimate goal.

After spending time at College of the Canyons, Pierce made his way to Middle Tennessee State. It didn't take him long for him to become an impact player for the program.

Pierce was a steady presence for Middle Tennessee State for the past three years, hauling in 144 passes for 1,669 yards and 13 touchdowns. In the final game of his collegiate career, he had 114 yards and a score for the Blue Raiders.

We caught up with Jarrin Pierce to discuss his path to the NFL Draft, what makes him a unique wideout and much more.

The Spun: How has this draft process been for you?

Jarrin Pierce: It’s been really great. It’s been my dream since I was a little kid to make the NFL. Working out every day to inch closer to that dream is just surreal.

The Spun: I see you’ve been working hard in the lab. What’s something you’re putting an emphasis on in this process?

JP: Really just my speed. I know that speed kills. I know that speed is a big way to get open at wide receiver. When you have good speed, it makes things easier for you. I’m working on my maximum speed for my routes and for my 40-yard dash. I want people to see how fast I am because of the work I’ve put in.

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The Spun: What did it mean to you to finish your Middle Tennessee State career with a win and a big performance?

JP: It means everything, man. From coming in to where I finished, it put the cherry on top. Playing in the Bahamas to finish off my career felt good. It was a testament to God. I felt like he was out there with me, especially on that day. I’m also glad we came out of that game with the W.

The Spun: You spent time at College of the Canyons before going to Middle Tennessee State. Were they any points in your career where you questioned the path?

JP: I felt confident throughout the whole time because I worked for it. When I was at College of the Canyons, I knew it was a stepping stool for me. I knew it would help me go to a D-I program. I just used each level as a stepping stool. College of the Canyons led me to Middle Tennessee State, and Middle Tennessee State is about to lead me to the NFL.

The Spun: Do you have a preference when it comes to playing in the slot or on the outside?

JP: Anywhere coaches need me. If they need me on the outside, I can handle that. If they need me on the inside, that’s my bread and butter. I want to be reliable and be able to contribute to the team the best way I know how. I just want to help the team win.

The Spun: Which wide receivers do you like to study?

JP: I like to study Cooper Kupp, Davante Adams for his releases, and DeAndre Hopkins for his ability to high-point the football. Those players are so impressive. Antonio Brown was one of my favorites growing up because he was always so reliable during his prime.

The Spun: What separates you from other wide receivers?

JP: What makes me unique is that I’m always going to be reliable. I’m a great pass catcher and I’m quarterback-friendly. When I say I’m quarterback-friendly, I mean I’m going to make the job easier for him. I’m a fast learner and I’m quick on my toes.

The Spun: Has it hit you yet that you’ll be catching passes from an NFL quarterback soon?

JP: It always hits me. Growing up, I would wonder what it’d be like to catch passes from an elite quarterback. There are so many elite quarterbacks in the game right now, so I’m excited to see how I perform alongside one.

The Spun: What would it mean to you to hear your name called during the draft?

JP: It would mean everything to me. It would be a dream come true. If my name is called, I know the work is not done. I know there’s still more work that needs to be put in. Right when you hear your name called, you need to go way harder. That’s what drives me about this whole process. The adrenaline that goes into this is so unexplainable.

The Spun: What is an NFL team getting in Jarrin Pierce?

JP: A great player and a great human being. A guy who respects his peers and respects his elders. I love to learn - I’m never too big to learn. I’m always very passionate about the game.

"A team captain," Ocean View Sports said in a statement to The Spun. "Constant contributor. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg for JP. The team that gets him in the door will be getting a steal and an incredible value. The upside is unbelievable with JP!"

Pierce has the ideal size and toughness to be a playmaker in the slot for NFL teams. All he needs is an opportunity.

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