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Jay Paterno Pens Letter To USA Today Regarding His Father's Legacy

Jay Paterno speaking during a interview with ESPN.

Jay Paterno/ESPN

Jay Paterno, son of the late Joe Paterno, wrote a letter to the editor to USA Today

Last week, Christine Brennan of USA Today wrote a column titled "What is Penn State thinking in honoring Joe Paterno?" after Penn State made the controversial decision to honor Joe Paterno at a game-day ceremony.

Jay Paterno has decided to respond to the column and the criticism by writing a letter to the editor.

An excerpt:

Columnists can walk away from the damage they create. Because others must live with the shrapnel those words spread, journalistic standards of truth should be honored.

All along the only honor we’ve sought is the truth.

When that truth comes, and it will, hopefully the news media will do the honorable thing and cover it with same zeal it displayed last week.

Those with wisdom, with minds open to the facts, will understand.

You can read the whole thing in its entirety here.