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Jaylon Smith Says He'd Play In The Fiesta Bowl Again If He Could Do It Over

What would Jaylon Smith do if he could do it all over again?

The decisions of Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette, who are skipping their teams' bowl games to protect their NFL future, has sparked quite the debate

Should future high NFL Draft picks play in "meaningless" bowl games, risking injury?

Nobody knows the risk of doing so more than former Notre Dame star Jaylon Smith, who suffered a severe injury in last year's Fiesta Bowl, causing his draft stock to plummet. He went from being a potential top five pick to a second-round selection, losing a lot of money.

Smith, though, says if he could do it all over again, he'd still play in that game.

This obviously doesn't mean that McCaffrey or Fournette are wrong in doing what they're doing - every individual player has a right to make their own choice - but it's certainly a bit surprising to see Smith say this.