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NCAA Passes Rule Barring Off-Campus Practices During Vacation, Like Michigan's 2016 Trip To Florida

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One of Jim Harbaugh's more controversial 2016 events is now barred thanks to a new NCAA rule.

Harbaugh took his team to Florida's IMG Academy for spring football during the school's spring break, a move criticized by many, including the SEC.

Today, the NCAA announced that the Power 5 conferences voted against allowing off-campus practices during vacation periods.

Harbaugh spent much of last spring defending his IMG trip, and blasting those who opposed it. Between this trip, and the litany of satellite camps that he attended all over the globe, Harbaugh drew the scorn of many of his coaching rivals. Even with this practice rule being passed, we don't expect that he will stop doing things that push the limit of NCAA rules to find every recruiting advantage that he can.