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Pitt Fans Seem To Like The Idea Of Jim Tressel Becoming Their Next AD

Pitt fans seem to have their eye on a former BCS title-winning coach for their now-vacant AD job.

Thursday, it was announced that Pitt athletic director Scott Barnes, who was hired in 2015, would be leaving his position to become Oregon State's next athletic director. As such, the school needs to find a replacement.

Who do the fans want? If you take a look at Twitter, former Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel, who is currently the President of Youngstown State University, seems to be the top choice. Tressel, with the Buckeyes, was one of the most successful coaches in school history. NCAA violations forced his resignation in 2011.

Tressel had a five-year show-cause penalty that expired on December 19. So technically, he's available for any position at this point.

Is Tressel a realistic option to become Pitt's next athletic director? We'll find out in the coming days.