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NFL Insider Says Joe Mixon Will Go In The 2nd Round

The draft stock of Joe Mixon is perhaps the most-polarizing in the class.

Joe Mixon has the talent of a first-round NFL Draft pick, but his horrifying domestic violence incident during which he punched a woman has some franchises refusing to draft him.

Someone is going to draft the former Oklahoma star, though. He's allowed to play and he has the talent of a top-10 pick. There will be multiple franchises vying to take him.

So, where's he going to go?

NFL insider Daniel Jeremiah said that every NFL GM and scout is predicting the same thing: second round.

It was reported earlier today that the New England Patriots have removed him from their draft board.

From ESPN:

Under owner Robert Kraft, the Patriots have long had a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to domestic violence, though Mixon's assault would not be defined as a domestic violence incident.

The Boston Herald first reported that the Patriots do not plan to draft Mixon.

Sources told ESPN that Mixon met with the Los Angeles Chargers and Denver Broncos earlier this month, and Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions representatives both said during this week's owners meetings that they would consider drafting Mixon despite his past.

The NFL Draft starts on April 27.