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Johnny Manziel Deletes Twitter Account After Giving Advice To Trump

Johnny Manziel deleted his Twitter account.

Johnny Manziel no longer has an account on Twitter.

Johnny "Football" Manziel is known for his party-animal behavior. This week the former Heisman Trophy winner admitted his behavior in 2016 was less than admirable. Manziel tweeted his intention to be a better person in 2017, and it looks like he might be on track to do just that.

The former Cleveland Browns quarterback tweeted advice to President Trump, telling him to avoid the "notifications" section of Twitter. Manziel then deleted his account.

Could this be the next step in the quarterback's NFL comeback? Avoiding negativity is key, and we all know social media is a hotspot for controversy. Manziel still has his Instagram account where he posted to following message about a possible comeback:

We hope this is a step in the right direction for Manziel.