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Jon Gruden On Why He Wants To Coach Again

The ESPN analyst has confirmed he wants to make a coaching comeback.

Jon Gruden wants to coach again.

The ESPN NFL analyst hasn't coached since 2008, but the 53-year-old coach says he's trying to make a comeback.

Gruden says he's been getting up at 4 a.m. to study film, preparing to get back into the game.

Gruden most likely wants to coach again in the NFL. That's where he was from 1992-2008, after all. And that's the sport he's been analyzing.

But if he wants a head coaching job, he's probably more likely to land a college one.

Which big-time program is most likely to hire him?

It has to be Tennessee.

Gruden has recently called the Volunteers his "dream job" and he's spent time on the Knoxville, Tenn. campus. Tennessee's current coach, Butch Jones, is on somewhat of a hot seat, too.

Which program would you want to see Gruden roaming the sidelines for?