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Michigan's Jourdan Lewis And OSU's Raekwon McMillan Argue On Twitter

Michgan's Jourdan Lewis and Ohio State's Raekwon McMillan got into some good ol' fashioned Twitter Beef today.

Michigan's resurgence onto the college football scene has breathed new life into the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry, and after this year's controversial 30-27 double-overtime win by the Buckeyes, it doesn't look like that intensity is going anywhere anytime soon. Which brings us to Michigan's Jourdan Lewis and Ohio State's Raekwon McMillan, who got into an online scuffle today on Twitter.

We're here to break it all down.

Let's begin:

Pretty innocuous tweet here. Lewis obviously has a lot of pride for his team, and that's perfectly normal and acceptable. There's nothing outrageous about this statement at all, but it must have rubbed at least one person the wrong way because:

Here we go, now we're entering Twitter Beef territory. McMillan knew exactly what he was doing here. Why not beat your chest and remind the Wolverines who the top dog is, right? And Lewis, who we've established is a prideful man, isn't just going to let that go. You can't just let that go.

Which brings us to this:

Oh yes, this is the good stuff right here, the reason we all have a Twitter account; shots have finally been fired and we are finally in confirmed Twitter Beef territory, folks. Lewis is obviously referring to Ohio State's play on fourth-and-1 against the Wolverines, in which J.T. Barrett may or may not have had enough for the first down. This provokes McMillan enough to where he decides to stop fooling around and just drop the atom bomb right on Lewis' head:

Man. There's really no coming back from that one. That photo pretty much halts any possible comeback from Lewis. We beat you guys, we're in the College Football Playoff, you're not. Case closed.

Lewis, presumably suffering third-degree burns from such a roasting, has yet to respond.