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Kansas State Denying WR Corey Sutton's Transfer Request

Freshman wide receiver Corey Sutton is being blocked from transferring by Kansas State.

Corey Sutton, a former freshman wide receiver for Kansas State, is unable to get his release from the program so that he can transfer, despite announcing earlier this month that he intended to leave, per The Wichita Eagle's Kellis Robinett, who Sutton spoke with on the phone.

Per The Wichita Eagle:

“When I originally told Coach Snyder I was going to transfer he said, ‘Well, Corey, I feel bad that you want to leave, but I can’t make you stay,’ ” Sutton said. “I dropped all my classes, moved out of Kansas and started looking at my options, then I find out they are denying me my release.

“Coach Snyder told me today that when I signed my letter of intent that was my commitment to him, that I was going to be there for four years. I heard that and told him, ‘Coaches can leave. So why can’t a player leave? You made a commitment to me that you were going to treat me the right way and that’s not what you’re doing.’ ”

Sutton later clarified he only dropped future classes and finished the spring semester in good academic standing with a 3.0 GPA.

Sutton presented Kansas State with 35 potential transfer destinations in early May, all of which were denied a week later. The ruling was upheld on Wednesday, despite the fact that many of the schools were FCS and Division II, and none were from the Big 12.

While playing time was an issue, Sutton made clear that he wasn't leaving strictly for football reasons.

“There was a year and a half of events that led to me leaving. I committed to K-State because I thought it was going to be a great experience,” Sutton said. “But it wasn’t. It made me negative-minded about college. This wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. I thought about it for months. I told my coaches I was depressed there. I told my coaches I had to go counseling there. They just don’t get it.”

You can and should read the full conversation here.

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