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Kevin Sumlin "Proud" Of Texas A&M's Decision To Cancel White Nationalist Rally

The Aggies' head coach commented on the decision to cancel the rally.

Texas A&M cancelled a planned white nationalist rally on campus after what took place in Charlottesville, Va.

Aggies' football coach Kevin Sumlin commented on the school's decision while speaking to reporters.

Sumlin said he is very "proud" of the school's decision.

"I'm really proud of [the school's decision]," Sumlin said, per ESPN. "I was thankful and very, very proud of Chancellor [John] Sharp and our president to put an end to it."

"[This is a time] when leadership comes to the front, and our leadership did that," Sumlin added. "We've talked about that as a team too, and our appreciation for our leadership to step in. It's big for the players, big for our coaching staff -- it's big for everybody."

The rally was set to take place on Sept. 11 and was planned by a former Texas A&M student, Preston Wiginton, who was "inspired" by what took place in Charlottesville.