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Former Oklahoma Player Alleges Kevin Wilson "Spit" On Him In Practice

Former Oklahoma lineman Gabe Ikard tweeted about his experience with Kevin Wilson after learning of his firing.

Kevin Wilson has reportedly been fired from his position as the head coach of Indiana. Skepticism soared as to the nature of the firing as Wilson had just signed a six-year deal last year.

Gabe Ikard, who played under Wilson when he was the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma, tweeted about one of his experiences with him at practice.

Ikard played left guard and center during his time with the Sooners and currently plays for the Cleveland Browns. The third-year pro attempted to justify Wilson's actions in a couple tweets following his initial accusation.

The former Sooner made sure to note that Wilson was an "old-school" coach. According to Mark Schlabach, several Indiana players were interviewed about Wilson's treatment of players.