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Kirk Herbstreit Names The 5 Best Atmospheres In College Football

The 2018 college football season is right around the corner. You know what that means: The Herbies are back.

If you're not familiar with The Herbies, they are Kirk Herbstreit's annual preseason awards. The ESPN analyst names his playoff picks, national champion, top impact players and more.

One of the most fun Herbie categories is the best atmosphere. College fan bases take great pride in making their home environments inhospitable for visitors, and Herbstreit highlighted the five venues he likes best.

Herbstreit's choices are as follows:

  • Penn State White Out
  • Death Valley, Clemson
  • Husky Stadium, Washington
  • Death Valley at night, LSU
  • Kinnick Stadium, Iowa

There are other good options, but we really can't argue with these choices. Penn State's White Out is arguably the most raucous atmosphere in college football every year, and Husky Stadium is an absolutely gorgeous place to tailgate and watch a football game.

Both Death Valleys are awesome, even if we can't always agree on which is the "real" one. That's what makes the upcoming Clemson-LSU non-conference series so cool. Lastly, Kinnick is an underrated home field, and the new Kinnick Wave tradition is one of the coolest stories in college football.

Which stadiums did Herbie leave out? Did he include any that you disagree with?

You can read the rest of The Herbies here.