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Kirk Herbstreit Admits He Was Wrong About Iowa State's Matt Campbell

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The ESPN college football analyst was convinced he was leaving.

Back in October, Kirk Herbstreit took to Twitter and made a prediction about a young head coach on the rise, Matt Campbell.

The ESPN college football analyst was convinced the Iowa State head coach wouldn't be coaching the Cyclones in 2018.

"Enjoy this team and this coach, in particular, while you can. He’s gone," he said.

Monday night, Herbstreit had to admit he was wrong.

Iowa State announced that it had signed Campbell to a big, six-year extension that increased his salary by roughly $1.5 million/year.

It's still possible that a major program could come after Campbell this offseason (Florida State if Jimbo Fisher leaves, maybe) so Herbstreit might be premature in his "I was wrong" admission.

We'll see.