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Kirk Herbstreit Doesn't Think Dabo Swinney Will Ever Leave Clemson For Alabama

Dabo Swinney eventually replacing Nick Saban at Alabama is a popular theory among college football circles. The Clemson head coach is from Alabama, walked on to the Crimson Tide program and coached for the program from 1993-2000.

The 47-year-old head coach has built something incredible with the Tigers, though, and just proved he can win a national championship at Clemson.

Would he really leave Clemson for Alabama when Saban, 65, decides to retire?

Kirk Herbstreit says no.

Clemson is building something really special. The Tigers are recruiting at an elite level and pouring money into the program. The facilities have seen and are continuing to see upgrades. They can contend for a national title every year.

But...Alabama is perhaps the country's greatest college football program and Swinney's alma mater. You would have to think it would at least be incredibly enticing for Swinney if the call does come.