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Kirk Herbstreit Gets Into It With Alabama Fan Over Deshaun Watson Incident

The ESPN analyst and an Alabama fan went back-and-forth over the Deshaun Watson incident.

In case you missed it, Deshaun Watson was in Tuscaloosa, Ala., recently to visit a friend and her family. Unsurprisingly, Watson allegedly drew ire from two former Alabama football players while he and the friend he was visiting were out at a restaurant.

The former players, alleged to be Ryan Anderson and Wallace Gilberry, reportedly asked Watson to leave the restaurant.

The news spread across Twitter like a wildfire, catching the attention of notable ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit.

Herbie, like most, was upset to learn of the news, and took to Twitter to share his concerns. After a series of tweets with others, Herbstreit and an Alabama fan who goes by the name #BuiltByBama on Twitter.

But Kirk didn't stop there. After being called an "Ohio State homer," Herbstreit left the following tweet for Alabama fans to comment on.

Fans aren't always the most rational people. Fan is shortened for "fanatic" which is what most fans are when it comes to their teams. This Bama fan, however, gives the Tide a bad name.

Other Alabama fans chimed in, saying they're not all bad, to which Herbstreit responded that they're just like every other fanbase. A few rotten apples may exist, but most of the fans are reasonable people.