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Kirk Herbstreit Is Getting Crushed For This Tweet

Herbie is making people angry on Twitter again.

On Thursday night, No. 2 Ohio State took on Indiana in a conference battle that was too close for too long.

Indiana had the lead midway through the third quarter before the Buckeyes took over the game, eventually winning by a score of 49-21.

Ohio State was plagued by Indiana quarterback Richard Lagow, and his corps of wide receivers dominated for the first half. Lagow racked up over 400 yards passing against the young Buckeyes secondary.

Kirk Herbstreit had an interesting take on the Hoosiers' offense.

He mentioned the same observation during Thursday night's broadcast of the game, and took heat immediately. The same was true for the tweet. Ohio State still has Oklahoma and Penn State on its schedule, and many Twitter users made that known to Herbie.

Now, let's add some context here. Indiana returned several talented wide receivers from last season while Oklahoma, Michigan, and Penn State all lost their top wideouts from last season.

It'll be interesting to see how the Buckeyes handle other talented wide receiver corps.