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Kirk Herbstreit Is "So Tired" Of Hearing About This College Sports Debate

Kirk Herbstreit thinks a team could be out of the playoff.

Kirk Herbstreit doesn't often take to Twitter to voice his opinions, but when he does, the ESPN college football analyst is usually pretty passionate about it.

The college football analyst took to Twitter a couple of days ago to weigh on a debate surrounding college sports.

Herbstreit weighed in on the "free labor" debate surrounding college sports.

"So tired of this “free labor” crap. Give me a break!!!!" Herbstreit says.

"People are so caught up in $ they miss that the actual people involved in the sport—playing the sport—competing—are having the time of their lives and thankful for the opportunity to play another game with their buddies. It’s that simple. Competition is FUNNNN!!!! No BS politics!" he added.

His full tweets can be seen below:

There will probably be some people who disagree with Herbstreit here. But there are also going to be a lot of people that agree with him.

Regardless, we can't wait to see Herbstreit back on the College GameDay set this fall. College football needs to hurry up and get here.