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Kirk Herbstreit Just Got Called Out By Another ESPN Reporter

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We had an interesting - if not spicy - exchange between Kirk Herbstreit and another ESPN employee on Twitter this afternoon.

Earlier today, Herbstreit responded to news of the NCAA finding no violations from Michigan State's football and men's basketball programs in regards to the Larry Nassar scandal.

Herbstreit appeared to call out the media for how they covered head coaches Tom Izzo and Mark Dantonio, including an ESPN Outside The Lines reporter that was following them around last winter.

"Can’t wait to watch, read, and listen to ALL the follow up stories from the same folks that had @MSU_Basketball and @MSU_Football Guilty Until Proven Innocent. Is that one reporter that followed Coach Izzo around at post game pressers gonna chase him down now?!?" he tweeted.

Nicole Noren, a producer/reporter for ESPN's Outside The Lines, responded to Herbstreit this afternoon. "Thanks Kirk. We also look forward to the follow-up stories we’re working on about holding education officials accountable in regards to reports of violence against women," she wrote, linking to another ESPN story.

That's certainly a fair response by Noren. It'll be interesting to see if this escalates any further.