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Kirk Herbstreit Asked Why He 'Hates' A Certain Big 10 Team

A photo of Kirk Herbstreit on ESPN.

ESPN College GameDay personality Kirk Herbstreit is probably one of the most unbiased analysts in college football, but of course, there are some who think he's always out to get their team. Herbstreit often spars with fans on Twitter who think he holds grudges against certain schools.

This week, Herbstreit was asked by a Nebraska fan why he hates the Cornhuskers so much. Herbstreit had a sarcastic answer - it's because of fans like him.

Herbstreit, obviously, is joking. But he probably does hate portions of every fan base - the ones who come at him on Twitter the second he says anything negative about a program.

Former Nebraska star Eric Crouch commented on Herbstreit's tweet. Herbstreit replied, calling the 5% of fans in a given fan base who go after him the "lunatic fringe."

Herbstreit played at Ohio State, and as such, many college football fans think he's biased when it comes to the Buckeyes. Ironically, Ohio State fans often rip him for going too far in the other direction at times. He can't really win.

That said, he's still the major personality on the top college football program every fall. So he's got that going for him.

College GameDay will open up at South Bend this year for Notre Dame vs. Michigan. It should be a good one.