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Kirk Herbstreit On The Current Bowl System: "It's Like A Participation Trophy"

Kirk Herbstreit talking on ESPN.

He's not the only one with this complaint.

The current bowl system is huge. There are 40 total bowls, not counting the Celebration Bowl between FCS Grambling and North Carolina A&T but factoring in the national championship game.

In the past, there have been 5-7 teams that have played in bowl games, though none made the cut this year. A lot of 6-6 teams are participating, however.

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit is not a fan of the bloated system, which he commented on today during an appearance on Sirius XM.

Me personally, I agree with Herbstreit. It is ridiculous that a 5-7 team would ever earn a bowl bid, and I'm not crazy about the number of 6-6 squads that get rewarded with one.

The bowls back in the day used to mean something. Now they are merely glorified exhibitions for many (not all) teams.

If you'll excuse me, kindly get off my lawn.