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Kirk Herbstreit On Why He "Hates" Nebraska

Kirk Herbstreit speaks on ESPN during College GameDay.


Pretty much every fan base thinks Kirk Herbstreit hates their team.

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit isn't very liked by Nebraska fans - some Husker fans, at least.

The dislike for Herbstreit from Nebraska fans probably comes from this ESPN Classic show in 2006, when analysts debated the best college football teams of all-time. Herbstreit had a bit of an issue with all of the Nebraska love on the show.

Herbstreit spoke with the Omaha World Herald about that show, and the apparent "dislike" he has for Nebraska.

“It was one of those made-for-TV argumentative shows,” Herbstreit said. “And the show was kind of real flat. There wasn’t a whole lot of disagreement. So the producer got in my ear, it’s the only time in my career he got in my ear, and he said, ‘Can you help me out out there? You’ve got to liven the discussion up a little bit.’

“At the time, we were talking about ’95 Nebraska and ’01 Miami. Truthfully, I couldn’t care less who was the better team. After he said that to me, I just started trying to make a strong argument for why Miami ’01 was the better team. From that point on, that segment lived in infamy and I became a Nebraska hater.

“In the world of social media and talk shows, they look at that segment that was really a ridiculous segment and they’ve kind of spun that into ‘I hate Nebraska’ because of that segment and I didn’t bow down to the ’95 team, even though I have no problem with anybody who thinks that that’s the best team to ever play.”

Herbstreit also made it clear he does not dislike Nebraska, but he does often hear from some ignorant Husker fans.

“What I have to guard against, I can’t let that affect how I talk about their team,” Herbstreit said. “There’s a tendency — if you could read some of the things that some of these fans say as consistently as I get from that fan base — it’d be easy to want to see them lose, just for that contingent of their fan base. But I don’t get that way at all. I stay impartial and neutral.

“Every fan base has those fans that don’t represent the real fans, that 5 to 10 percent that you wish weren’t your own fans. Those are the ones that I think I hear from the most from Nebraska.”

You can read his full interview with the Omaha World Herald here.

Herbstreit will be on the call of Saturday's Ohio State-Nebraska game at 8 p.m. E.T. on ABC.