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Kirk Herbstreit Reacts To The Tim Brewster, Big 12 Feud

Kirk Herbstreit thinks a team could be out of the playoff.

An SEC assistant coach and, basically, the entire Big 12 conference are feuding. It's pretty entertaining.

Texas A&M assistant coach Tim Brewster, who served on Jimbo Fisher's staff at Florida State, has been talking up the SEC on Twitter. He's doing this for recruiting purposes.

The Aggies' tight ends coach is calling the SEC the best conference in the country, by far. If you're a top recruit, the SEC is where you want to be, according to Brewster. He says the Big 12 isn't even close to comparing.

Many in the Big 12 have taken issue with this. Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger called out the coach on Twitter.

Oklahoma assistant coach Cale Gundy probably had the best tweet on the subject. He found a tweet from Brewster in 2017 that pretty directly contradicts what he's trying to say.

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit has reacted to the feuding. He finds it fun.

The SEC probably is the best conference in the country. It certainly gets the most elite recruits.

But it's also fair to call out Brewster. Trash talk is always fun.

Really, college football just needs to hurry up and come back. We all miss it.