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Kirk Herbstreit Reveals Initial Thoughts On Ohio State-Michigan Game

Kirk Herbstreit On College Football's Most "Intimidating" Stadium


ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit has issued his initial thoughts on Saturday's Ohio State-Michigan game.

FOX has this year's rivalry game, so Herbstreit will be able to make a pick on College GameDay, but for now, he's just previewing it.

Herbstreit thinks Ohio State should bring its best on Saturday.

"They’re underdogs this week,” Herbstreit said this morning. “If a rivalry game at home when you’re an underdog doesn’t get you to bring their best, nothing can. One week, it’s their pass defense. Next week it’s, boy, they can’t seem to fit right against the run. They don’t seem to play inspired or together as a unit on defense. But if anything can bring that out, it’s a rivalry.

"The defense seems to bring more emotion and love for one another and proves everybody wrong. At the end of the day, I don’t know if it’s good enough. Even if they do bring that game, is it good enough to beat a very determined Michigan football team?"

Herbstreit thinks Michigan has been great this season, but the Wolverines could be vulnerable.

"Michigan has shown potential vulnerability, but in my opinion, they have not played with the same edge against Rutgers and Indiana," Herbstreit addded. "They did play that way against Penn State, Michigan State and Wisconsin. That’s the Michigan team that will show up Saturday in Columbus. Very focused. You can feel the ‘me’ around this team. This team is on a mission so we’ll see if Ohio State can match that enthusiasm on Saturday."

Ohio State and Michigan are set to kick off at noon E.T.

The game will be on FOX.