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Kirk Herbstreit Reveals Why Ohio State Can Jump Oklahoma

Kirk Herbstreit On College Football's Most "Intimidating" Stadium


The fourth and final College Football Playoff spot is probably going to come down to Ohio State and Oklahoma. The Buckeyes and the Sooners are both 1-loss teams heading into their conference championship games.

Who's got the better chance of making it in? According to ESPN's College Football Playoff predictor, it's Ohio State, though it's close.

The Buckeyes and the Sooners have similar resumes. Ohio State has the better win, while Texas has the better loss.

Texas has a better opponent this weekend, while Ohio State has a better chance of impressing with a blowout win.

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit discussed how Ohio State can jump Oklahoma for the No. 4 spot during an appearance on Get Up! this morning.

"Oklahoma has been an offensive juggernaut the entire year with Kyler Murray and what he’s been able to do. But we continue to talk about their shortcomings on the other side of the ball with the defense. They basically have to outscore everybody that they play. Ohio State, what a story they’ve become. They're a team that hasn’t quite been able to put it together until the Michigan game. They were an underdog at home, which clearly brought the best out of the Buckeyes.

"They looked like the same team a lot of their fans have been waiting for since the TCU game. The big thing now is, can Ohio State put together 60 minutes similar to the way they played against Michigan? For me - to think that Ohio State can throw their hat in the ring and potentially go by Oklahoma or possibly Georgia - they need like a 2014 Wisconsin Big Ten Championship emphatic win over Northwestern for them to be able to jump into the top four. If they just win, it won’t be enough to get by Oklahoma. When they’re playing their best, I think they’re a more complete team and their ceiling is higher than Oklahoma because of the way they can play defense, at least (how they did) against Michigan."

Ohio State is set to play Northwestern on Saturday night. Oklahoma will take on Texas at noon E.T.

The new College Football Playoff rankings come out tonight.