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Kirk Herbstreit Says Chip Kelly Is "1,000 Percent" A Fit In The SEC

The ESPN college football analyst loves the idea of the Gators hiring Chip Kelly.

Kirk Herbstreit doesn't believe the "Chip Kelly isn't a fit in the SEC" narrative.

The ESPN college football analyst is all-in on the former Oregon head coach landing at Florida (or somewhere else in the conference).

Herbstreit said on his latest Herbstreit & Fitzsimmons podcast that Kelly is "1,000 percent" a fit in the SEC.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," he said.

Herbstreit says Kelly wants to find a perfect "fit" and that could be in the SEC.

"He is the king of recruiting two-and-three star guys that love to play football. They love to practice, they're gym rats. He loves to find them. And he finds them," Herbstreit said. "If he goes to the fertile grounds of the SEC for recruiting, just hold onto your hat. Because in a couple of years, wherever he goes, they'll be nationally relevant."

Kelly has been linked the most to the Florida opening and some are predicting that it will end up happening. It'd be a lot of fun to watch.

You can listen to his full podcast here.