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Kirk Herbstreit Sends Message To Ohio State Recruits Calling For QB Change

Kirk Herbstreit on the set of college gameday.

Kirk Herbstreit.

Herbie chimed in on Twitter.

After Ohio State's loss to Oklahoma over the weekend, a number of Buckeye recruits publicly advocated for a change at quarterback.

This probably didn't go over very well among OSU players, and Urban Meyer wished the high school prospects had kept their opinions to themselves.

ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit also took exception to the tweets. Herbstreit said this afternoon that all recruits of every school should "keep quiet" and "worry about their own teams."

We can't say Herbie doesn't have a point here. Sure, these kids might not mean harm when they say these things, but this is an example of social media potentially coming back to hurt them.

Better off keeping it to yourself.